2019 PDSA Recipient - Jenna Odom

Jenna Odom

Jenna Odom

Mars, Pennsylvania | Integrated Mathematics Education and Mathematics Double Major

Jenna’s service in college can be described by three words: Ambassador of Miami.  She served as an undergraduate associate for not one, but two University 101 classes during the same semester, helping first-year students learn about all aspects of college. The professor for one of those classes wrote of Jenna’s innate ability to relate to students, easing their transition to Miami.

Jenna also helped found and lead the College of Education, Health & Society Ambassadors program, which helps the college recruit students to Miami and assists current students in educational initiatives that enhance their academic experience. Jenna was handpicked by the college’s associate dean for this role.

Jenna also served as an orientation leader, representing the Miami student experience to incoming students and their families. Another nominator wrote that Jenna leads with who she is versus what she does. Her authenticity, vulnerability, positive energy, and intelligence helped countless students transition to Miami. As an aspiring math teacher, Jenna is currently the co-president of the Miami University Council of Teachers of Mathematics and serves on the state-wide board for the organization. Jenna also taught peers as a supplemental instruction leader for Calculus 2 and completed part of her student teaching at an international school in Luxembourg.