2019 PDSA Recipient - Alex Oladele

Alex Oladele

Alex Oladele

Westerville, Ohio | Computer Science and Software Engineering Double Major

Adetayo Alexander Oladele was described by his nominator as selfless, passionate, and humble. Alex has served as a resident assistant for three of his four years at Miami, mostly with first-year students.  He exemplifies what Love and Honor means through the ethic of care he shows for his residents and other RAs in his building. Alex goes well out of his way to make sure others are taken care of, taking on extra nights on duty when a colleague is stressed out, sitting with residents to process a difficult situation, and much more.

Alex is also committed to diverse issues around campus. His nominator wrote that Alex frequently speaks about the lack of diversity in his computer science and software engineering majors, as well as around campus. He intentionally reaches out to students from marginalized communities to serve as a mentor and inspiration, instilling confidence in students who may not find it elsewhere at Miami.

For Alex, helping others brings him pure joy and he is driven by this enjoyment.