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Phil Smith will be an expert reviewer for a upcoming U.S. Surgeon General's Report
The report will focus on tobacco use among people with mental health and substance use disorders. Dr. Smith will be reviewing a chapter on population-based policy strategies aimed at better supporting the well-being of this vulnerable group.
Miami University Dance Theatre to perform at Columbus tree lighting ceremony
Dance Theatre was invited to perform at the Tree Lighting Ceremony in Columbus at the Statehouse on December 2. Only three universities were selected to perform. They will perform STILL, choreographed by Molly Rosen for 4 dancers.
FSW faculty member Allen Ratliff was a guest on a podcast
Allen Ratliff, was invited to participate on the panel for the episode "Place-Based Research: Why place matters" along with some esteemed international colleagues working at the forefront of place-based research in health, security, and social welfare sciences.
Congratulations Jenn Walter on receiving the Prodesse Quam Conspici Award
The Prodesse Quam Conspici Award is inspired by Miami's motto that is found on our seal. It means "to accomplish without being conspicuous." The award honors those who embody servant leadership with great humility.
Amity Noltemeyer of Miami University on the 5 things parents can do to help their children thrive and excel in school
Amity Noltemeyer, professor of Educational Psychology is interviewed on things parents can do to help their children thrive and excel in school.
In memory of Jim Swartz: Celebrating the dynamic life of a devoted educator and accomplished researcher
Jim Swartz loved being a teacher and he respected his colleagues. His thoughts were often on his students, and throughout his nearly 20 years at Miami University he spread friendliness and warmth among everyone he knew.