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Congratulations to the Spring 2021 Faculty Writing Fellows Cohort
Howe Writing Across the Curriculum (HWAC) welcomes 20 new Miami professors as Faculty Writing Fellows Program alumni. This latest cohort of Fellows includes faculty teams from teacher education, music, architecture + interior design, and commerce. Each team prepared a project geared toward curricular change in writing instruction.
Read the Winning Entries in the 2021 HWC Poetry Contest!
Results are in for the Howe Writing Center's annual Spring poetry contest, themed "Hope & Rebirth." Paige Hartenburg took first-prize honors. Runner-up was Sarah Zimmerman. Alfredo Ascanio earned a staff choice recognition.
Dr. Caitlin Martin Reflects on Her Time at the Howe
As Dr. Caitlin Martin gets ready to graduate with her doctoral degree and join the faculty at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, she looks back on her years working at the Howe Center for Writing Excellence, including all the research, collaborations, and friendships along the way.
Connecting and Reflecting: ePortfolios as a Program-Wide Assessment Tool
With changes being made to the Global Miami Plan, departments are considering ways to identify and assess student learning. Portfolios, or the digital equivalent, ePortfolios, are an option being weighed, including by Bruce D'Arcus (geology) and Todd Stuart (arts management and entrepreneurship). HCWE Graduate Assistant Director Will Chesher spoke with both professors to hear their perspectives and plans on portfolios.
Understanding the Science Behind Stress and Self-Care with Dr. Vrinda Kalia
Dr. Vrinda Kalia, assistant professor of psychology, researches the impacts of stress at her Thought Language and Culture (TLC) lab here at Miami. She recently brought her expertise to the HCWE for a virtual workshop focused on the science behind stress and the benefits of self-care.
Progress Not Perfection: Dr. Jay Smart Talks Writing & Researching During COVID
Dr. Jay Smart has leaned on a "progress not perfection" approach to writing in his Smart Postural Control & Coordination Lab (SPoCC). He recently recorded a YouTube video, adapted from a workshop delivered for the HCWE, detailing his process, including how he coordinates research report writing within a team of about a dozen graduate and undergraduate students.
Enter the Spring 2021 HWC Poetry Contest
Calling all Miami writers! In celebration of April's National Poetry Month, the Howe Writing Center (HWC) is hosting a poetry contest focused on the theme "Hope and Rebirth."
Caitlin Martin Helps Miami Instructors Design Assessments for Deep Learning
The 3-part workshop series focused on "authentic" assessment and how to create it in your classroom and program. Attendees reflected on assessments not as barriers for gatekeeping but as bridges that help us understand if students are learning what we really want them to learn.
The CCARIT: a New CTE/HCWE Tool to Help You Create High Quality Assessment
Designing quality assessments is not easy, but the CTE and HCWE have created a tool that can help. It's called the CCARIT (Comprehensive Course Assessment Review and Improvement Tool). Participants at a J-term workshop were the first in the Miami community to try it out.