Austin Smith research on daylight savings time
Journalstandard.com, March 7
GIC Career Day, one of Miami's final events before shuttering campus, offers career guidance for students
On March 11, over 20 students, faculty, and alumni participated in the Department of Global and Intercultural Studies' (GIC) Career Day, the department's first initiative of its kind to provide students with training and tailored guidance in order to prepare them for the job market.
How-To: Document Attendance During Remote Delivery
Student attendance is a critical data point, especially as related to data reporting and the use of federal aid funds. For these reasons, “taking attendance” is a routine practice at Miami University Regionals. Attendance during ‘remote delivery of instruction’ becomes less clear and requires the employment of different strategies for monitoring and encouraging attendance.
Trends, determinants and the implications of population aging in Iran
Fertility and mortality decline are major drivers of Iran's population aging. A rapid and sharp fall in fertility rates over the past three decades as well as a substantial rise in life expectancy are causing rapid aging of Iran's population. This paper uses the 2015 United Nations Population Division data to discuss the trends, determinants and the implications of population aging in Iran.
Construction and validation of risk-adjusted rates of emergency department visits for long-stay nursing home residents
Long-stay nursing home (NH) residents are at high risk of having emergency department (ED) visits, but current knowledge regarding risk-adjusted ED rates is limited. In this study, the authors calculated quarterly NH risk-adjusted ED rates from 2011 Q2 to 2013 Q3 national Medicare claims and Minimum Data Set data, validated these rates against Nursing Home Compare overall 5-star quality ratings, and examined their associations with hospitalization rates to provide a quality context.