Intercultural Corner Episode 2
Intercultural Corner Episode 2: What Does It Mean to be 'Immersed' in Culture?
Late-breaking NCSAM news: Our Information Security team is growing!
We are celebrating some additions and increased expertise on the Information Security team.
Healthy Miami Biometric Screening Updates
Important updates and details for completing your biometric screening before the December 31, 2020 deadline.
IT Profile: Priya Kodeboina
For this month's profile, we caught up with Priya Kodeboina, an application software developer III.
End of Year HR Reminders
Important reminders of actions to be done by the end of the year.
Two students receive Menditto Scholarship
The scholarship, endowed by alumni Jim and Jane Menditto, is given annually to undergraduate students in the MME department who have demonstrated high academic performance, as well as achievement outside the classroom.
Exploring cause of death as a factor in social convoy membership: The case of Pauline
Research integrating social convoy and continuing bonds frameworks suggests that deceased individuals can be included in convoys as connections may carry on after death. Building on this, we present a qualitative case study that explores whether such relationships are influenced by the way people die. Pauline, 67, compares the “natural” deaths of relatives to her husband’s suicide.
Scaffolding Your Assignments for Learning
While one of the most researched and discussed aspects of teaching and ensuring student success, scaffolding is often overlooked in practice. Fortunately, this repository of research provides an array of resources for improving the scaffolding in your courses.
Miami University Symphony Orchestra releases music video featuring children's choir from India
"The culmination of efforts over three months between students at Miami and India is a poetic vision of Florence Price through her music, as the sounds cross continents, breaking boundaries of racism and segregation, to become a symbol of inspiration in the memories of children and college students," said Ricardo Averbach, MUSO director.