37 faculty receive tenure and/or promotion; Trustees approve Tuition Promise for Regionals

Student looks into micrscope in Forensics lab.

Trustees approved the Miami Regionals' Tuition Promise. Forensic Science is one of the Regionals' newest areas of study.

The conferral of tenure, a significant commitment to academics, was approved for 22 faculty members at Miami University’s February board of trustees meeting. Many faculty were also promoted.

Thirteen faculty members attained full professorship; one attained full professorship and tenure; 20 earned associate professor level and tenure; one attained tenure; and two librarians gained principal librarian status. A list is on the campus news site.

In introducing a small group of tenure and promotion candidates to trustees, Provost Phyllis Callahan cited reviewers’ comments that highlighted the caliber, dedication and creativity of faculty work. Some examples:

  • Of Anne Farrell, promoted to full professor of accountancy, an external reviewer cited her research as being “at the intersection of psychology and economics” and “distinguished by a willingness to innovate.”
  • Of Julia Guichard, chair of theatre promoted to full professor – a reviewer noted her international reputation and of her teaching, said “each class is a self-contained work of art.”
  • Of Dhananja Rao, who was promoted to associate professor of computer systems and software engineering and granted tenure, Callahan noted that in addition to creating computational models to predict the spread of Zika virus, avian and other flus and earning several large research grants, he facilitates Girl Code, an after-school program to engage middle school girls in computer science.

Promotions take effect July 1.

Trustees also approved the Miami Regionals’ Tuition Promise – freezing tuition and fees for four years at the first-year rate – for students at Miami’s regional campuses, something students requested at the last board meeting. Through this year, students at Miami’s campuses in Hamilton and Middletown have paid a two-tier structure, paying significantly less tuition for their first two years. Over recent years, the Regionals have added many four-year degree programs and reduced its associate degree offerings. The Regionals’ Tuition Promise takes effect next fall if it is approved by Ohio’s chancellor of higher education.

As on the Oxford campus, which adopted the Miami Tuition Promise for students entering in 2016, students reported to trustees that knowing the cost of their tuition over a four-year span was very important to them and their families.

The change to a flat tuition also brings a reduced cost of a bachelor’s degree at the Regionals. New students pursuing bachelor’s degrees at the Regionals will pay $2,940 per semester.

Returning students at the Regionals will not see a tuition increase in the fall.

Trustees approved a Regionals career fee of $8.34 per credit hour – not to exceed $100 per semester – to enhance student career services at the Regionals starting with the entering class.

The board approved a 2 percent increase in the standard tuition for graduate students in degree or certificate programs and also approved no increase in program-specific comprehensive tuition for graduate certificates and degrees that have unique costs and market conditions.

Trustees voted to increase room and board fees for Oxford students by 3 percent and 4 percent respectively for incoming students. However, students under the Tuition Promise (returning first- and second-year students), as well as returning upperclassmen, will not see an increase.

In other action, trustees:

  • Approved granting an honorary Doctor of Laws to Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg in October 2018 at the 50th Jubilee Celebration of the Miami University Dolibois Center’s establishment in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
  • Approved the recommendation to rename the office of student disability services to the J. Scott and Susan MacDonald Miller Center for Student Disability Services.
  • Authorized Series 2012 Bond prepayment and designation and purpose of Series 2017/2018 Bonds and redemption of 2037 maturity of the Series 2012 Bonds prior to maturity.
  • Authorized the award of contract for the MacCracken, Richard and Porter Halls Renovation Project with a total project budget not to exceed $70,000,000. Work will begin in June.
  • Authorized the award of contracts for the South Chiller Plant Conversion Project to convert a major portion of the south half of campus to simultaneous heating and cooling with a total project budget not to exceed $21,250,000, as part of the Campus Utility Master Plan.
  • Approved the award of contract for the Maplestreet Commons North project with a total project budget not to exceed $4,450,000, to complete the conversion of Maplestreet Station into a buffet dining venue. Work will begin in May.
  • Authorized the award of contract for the Campus Gateways and Safety Enhancements Project for the corners of U.S. 27 and Chestnut, and Patterson Ave. at State Route 73 with a total project budget not to exceed $4,800,000.
  • Expressed gratitude and appreciation to trustee Dennis Lieberman for service and leadership as his board term ends.
  • Expressed appreciation to student trustee Alex Boster for her service to the board and to the student body as her term ends.
  • Granted administrator emerita/emeritus to several retiring staff members.