Weekly 3 Emails

The Division of Student Life sends a weekly email to all Oxford undergraduate and graduate students with three quick, important updates and/or reminders. 



January 21, 2021 - Communication, Testing Changes, Winter Welcome

Happy Spring 2021! This semester, you’ll continue to receive a weekly email from Student Life with three quick, important updates and/or reminders with links for more information if you are interested.

1. Spring Communication

You spoke. We listened. You wanted more predictable, concise COVID-19 email communication. Here’s what you can expect this semester: 

  • Testing invitations. All COVID-19 testing invitations will be sent by 9 a.m. each morning. If invited, you’ll have 48 hours to complete your test or provide documentation for an exemption.
  • Weekly COVID updates. Each Wednesday by noon, you’ll receive an update from Miami’s COVID-19 planning teams. Student Life will post brief overviews on Instagram story as well. 
  • Weekly 3 for Students. On Thursdays, you’ll receive the Weekly 3 by 5 p.m. 
  • Other updates. Occasionally, you’ll receive time-sensitive updates from Miami at other times (e.g. governor’s updates, major policy changes, etc.).
2. Testing Changes

You can expect a few changes this semester to our wide-net and surveillance testing program. Here are highlights - visit the Testing website for details.

  • Saliva tests. These tests are faster, use resources more effectively, and detect COVID-19 earlier. 
  • Results. The drawback of saliva tests is that we cannot provide diagnostic results. You won’t hear from us unless your test indicates that you need to come back in for a confirmatory diagnostic test (so you will not receive negative results). 
  • 90 day exemption. Previous positive COVID tests will exempt you from testing for 90 days only. Submit documentation through MedProctor.
3. Winter Welcome Events

Many virtual and in-person events are planned in the first few weeks of the semester to foster connections. Visit the Winter Welcome page for a list of events. 

Thanks for reading along for this week’s Weekly 3. And remember to wear a mask, practice physical distancing, and wash your hands often this semester!



December 11, 2020 - Special Edition (sexual and interpersonal violence prevention and response)

Congratulations on finishing up the fall semester! This is your final Weekly 3 of the Fall semester, and a special edition with updates to Miami’s sexual and interpersonal violence prevention and response.

New Assistant Dean of Students and Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Jaymee Lewis-Flenaugh has been named the new Assistant Dean of Students and Deputy Title IX Coordinator. As the Assistant Dean of Students and Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Jaymee coordinates the community response to student-involved sexual misconduct (including sexual harassment), domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. This response can include appropriate referrals, resource connection, reporting guidance, and supportive measures.

While Jaymee will be on leave beginning next week until mid-February, Gabby Dralle, Associate Dean of Students, will serve as the Interim Deputy Title IX Coordinator, a role she served in since 2018, until Jaymee’s return.

You can reach Jaymee at 104 Warfield, 513-529-1870 or TitleIX@MiamiOH.edu

Sexual Assault Survivor Support (SASS)
A new student organization, Sexual Assault Survivor Support (SASS), received a $5,000 grant from Bumble to fund the expansion of support services for survivors of sexual assault on campus. SASS is a student-run organization dedicated to providing and cultivating a safe space that empowers, heals, and supports victims/survivors of sexual assault and personal violence.

Behind the Post
The Office of Student Wellness, in partnership with Intercollegiate Athletics, provided a new prevention-based training to student athletes this Fall semester. The One Love: Behind the Post training was facilitated by HAWKS Peer Health Educators and delivered over Zoom to 500+ student athletes. The training included an 8-minute video portraying an unhealthy and abusive relationship that also demonstrated how social media can be a barrier to seeking help. The video was followed by an hour-long small group discussion.

The Office of Student Wellness is continuing this conversation about the role of social media in prevention with a series of social media posts during Stalking Awareness Month (January).

Thanks for tuning in to the Weekly 3 this semester. We hope that you have a safe, restful, and enjoyable winter break. We’ll be back with the Weekly 3 in January!

December 3, 2020 - Health Services Building, Dec. Graduation, Leadership Opportunities

Here is your weekly roundup from the Division of Student Life. This is the last regular edition of the Weekly 3 this semester. There will be a special edition next week, and then we’ll be back in January.

Health Services Building Closing
The Health Services Building (on Campus Avenue) will be closing next week in preparation for construction to begin on the new clinical health sciences building, which is scheduled to be completed in 2023. While the new building is being constructed, these offices will be relocated to other areas of campus:

  • Student Health Services will be located in Harris Hall. They will be closed Dec. 9-11 during their move. 
  • Student Counseling Service will be located in Harris Hall. 
  • Student Wellness will be located in Boyd Hall.

More information is available in this Miami news article

December Graduation
The Fall Commencement ceremony will be held virtually at 3 p.m. on Dec. 11, 2020. The event will celebrate December 2020 graduates, January 2021 graduates, and the entire Miami Class of 2020. All are invited to attend; you can find more information on the Commencement website

Apply for Leadership Opportunities
Several areas in Student Life are currently recruiting students interested in leadership / involvement roles. Check out the links for more information.

One last reminder as you travel and celebrate holidays with friends and families over the next month-- COVID-19 cases are rising nearly everywhere. You already know to mask up, wash hands, practice physical distancing, monitor symptoms, and so on. But please also consider decreasing your contacts and getting tested 7-10 days prior to seeing people outside your household, especially those who are older or immuno-compromised. 

Thanks for reading the Weekly 3 this semester. Best of luck on final exams, papers, and projects - finish strong!


November 19, 2020 - Travel Safety, COVID Reinfection & Statewide Curfew

Here’s your weekly roundup from the Division of Student Life. 

Travel Safety
If you’re headed home for the holidays, be sure to take some precautions to keep you and your family safe from COVID-19 while you are visiting. Here are a few tips: 

  • Monitor for any COVID-19 symptoms like fever, cough, body aches, etc.
  • When in public, continue to wear your mask, wash your hands, and physical distance. Do the same around immune-compromised individuals, even in your own house.
  • Be aware of your home state’s quarantine or testing rules around traveling from Ohio.
  • You can get a voluntary COVID test through Oxford Priority Care or another testing site listed on the Ohio Department of Health website. Oxford Priority Care is reporting long lines, so expect to wait when you go. New today: To assist Priority Care in managing the demand for testing, Student Health Services will offer voluntary testing today and tomorrow. Call 513-529-8526 and please leave your name and number if you reach voicemail; they will call you back to let you know a window of time and location for voluntary testing.

For more information about reducing risks during the pandemic, check out these tips from the Ohio Hospital Association.

Reinfection of COVID-19
If you’ve already had COVID, be aware of current CDC guidelines regarding risk of reinfection. While much is still unknown, current guidance indicates you may be susceptible for reinfection beginning 90 days after testing positive. Look for more information in the coming weeks detailing our Spring Move-In Testing plan. Be prepared when you return to campus in January to be tested frequently. And everyone - even those who have already had COVID-19 - should be practicing health precautions to reduce the risk of spread.

Statewide Curfew & Campus Hours
Ohio Governor DeWine issued 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew for the entire state starting tonight at 10 p.m. This means you must be in your hall, apartment, or house each night by 10 p.m. while you are in Ohio. With the curfew and the upcoming break, many campus services and buildings will be closing earlier than usual. Be sure to check social media and/or websites for updated hours. 

Stay safe and healthy, Miamians. We wish you a safe and restful break next week!

November 12, 2020 - Online Exams, Teaching Excellence Award & DEI Action Team Website

Here’s your weekly roundup from the Division of Student Life. 

Success Strategies for Online Exams
As we’re gearing up for the end of the Fall semester, check out the attached PDF with 6 tips on how to successfully prepare for remote exams. These tips were compiled by the Miami University Academic Support & Advising Association. Be on the lookout for more information coming soon about preparing for final exams.

Nominate your instructor for the Student Recognition of Teaching Excellence Award
The Provost’s Office and student government organizations are introducing the Student Recognition of Teaching Excellence Award for Fall 2020. This was a semester that required creativity, flexibility, and a great deal of time and energy. This new award will honor instructors who have worked to create positive, engaging, and creative learning opportunities and advising experiences for students. 

Please submit your nomination via this form by November 30, 2020.

Student Life Diversity, Equity, and Action Team Website
The Division of Student Life launched a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Action Team this summer to develop, guide, and advance the DEI efforts of the division. The team recently released the Student Life DEI Action Plan, which is now available on the DEI Action Team website

Today is officially two weeks out from Thanksgiving, and if you plan to see family for the holidays, it’s time to start self-quarantining and being extra cautious to make sure you don’t put your loved ones at risk. 

If you plan to go home, talk to your family about how to best keep each other safe. And if you’ve already had COVID-19, immunity appears to expire about 90 days after an infection. So if you had it in August or earlier, you may be able to contract and/or spread the virus again. 

Stay safe and healthy, Miamians!

November 5, 2020 - State Quarantine Rules, Academic Support & Election Support Sessions Added

Here’s your weekly roundup from the Division of Student Life.

State Quarantine Rules
As you make travel plans in the next few weeks, be sure to check the quarantine rules for your home state. Some states require or recommend self-quarantine if you are traveling from Ohio, and some states require a negative COVID test within a few days of arrival. Here’s a recent list of rules from Forbes, but be sure to check your state’s health department website too, as recommendations may change quickly.

Academic Support
We’re in the home stretch of the semester! If you need content-based academic support (to help you better understand course content), be sure to check the Rinella Learning Center website for free remote tutoring and supplemental instruction services. If you need skills-based academic support (to help you build skills to excel across all classes), check out these digital resources.

Election Listening & Dialogue sessions added
As we continue to sit in uncertainty about the election results, we have added more Dialogue and Listening sessions throughout all next week. The updated schedule can be found on the Wilks Institute for Leadership & Service website.

Remember, Miamians - we are not yet out of the woods for COVID-19 outbreaks this semester. It’s especially important to keep your guard up these next few weeks as you prepare to travel home and see family members who may be at higher risk for complications. Ohio continues to regularly see record-breaking numbers of new cases. Wear a mask anytime you leave your residence, maintain physical distance, and stay in your pod!


October 29, 2020 - Voting, Halloween & Election Support

Here’s your weekly roundup from the Division of Student Life. 

If you are registered to vote in Ohio, Saturday (at noon) is the last day to request an absentee ballot. The Ohio Secretary of State website also has information about how to vote early at your county’s Board of Elections, or find your assigned precinct to vote in person on Election Day. Don’t forget your photo ID and proof of address if you vote in person. On-campus students can generate a proof of address letter to present (printed or digital) at the polls from the Registrar and Dean of Students.

Don’t let your guard down this weekend! Consider how quarantine or isolation might impact your travel plans in November or how you will ensure you aren’t bringing COVID home to your family. Check out this week’s Student Life blog post - Don’t Let Halloween Ruin Thanksgiving for ideas of what you CAN do this weekend to celebrate safely. 

*Dressing up? Check out the Center for Student Diversity’s Instagram highlight on cultural appropriation

Election Support
You’ve probably heard that definitive election results may not be known on Election Day. We understand there may be strong feelings/anxiety/concerns about all aspects of the election. Here are a few resources Miami is offering over the next few weeks to help: 

  • Student Life has partnered with student leaders and faculty from Political Science and the Menard Family Center for Democracy to answer your voting and election-related questions on Instagram throughout the election season.
  • The Student Counseling Service has expanded Campus Care, quadrupling the number of sessions available for students in the weeks following the election. 
  • The Wilks Leadership Institute is coordinating Election Dialogue & Listening sessions to help students talk about and process election events. These are not partisan sessions, but a place to talk about this unique, and potentially extended, election season.

Stay healthy, Miamians! You know the drill, but we feel obligated to remind you to stay home if you’re sick, wear a mask outside your residence, wash hands regularly, avoid groups, and maintain physical distance.

October 22, 2020 - Flu Vaccines, I'm Struggling Form & Voting Early

Here’s your weekly roundup from the Division of Student Life.

Flu Vaccines
Getting your annual flu shot is especially important this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic (and it’s part of the Healthy Together Pledge!). Student Health Services is hosting flu shot clinics on several days in October and November in Armstrong Haines (near the food court) where you can get your vaccine. You must be 18 or older to participate; bring a photo ID and health insurance card.

“I’m Struggling” Form
If you are struggling academically, you can fill out the “I’m Struggling” form to ask for support. The Rinella Learning Center staff responds to requests within 24 hours. Even if Rinella is not the best resource to help, they can get you connected with the right resources on campus.

Voting Early
If you are registered and planning to vote in the upcoming election, we recommend you vote with an absentee ballot or vote early in person. COVID-19 continues to put students in quarantine and isolation throughout this election season. We’re exploring ways to allow students under a legal quarantine or isolation order to vote on Election Day, but why chance it? Keep it simple by voting early or absentee.

Stay healthy, Miamians! These next few weeks will be particularly important as you plan to return to your families and home communities in November. Stay in if you’re sick. Keep your pod small. Wash your hands. And wear a mask.

October 15, 2020 - Positive for COVID, Outdoor Activities & Mental Health Resources

Here’s your weekly roundup from the Division of Student Life. 

Positive for COVID-19?
If you’re in Oxford and you’ve recently tested positive for COVID-19, please complete the student self-reporting form. Completing the form allows us to more quickly support you. Remember, Miami will not use positive test results or information from the self-reporting form to pursue conduct violations. 

If you were infected with COVID-19 4+ weeks ago and have recovered, you may be eligible to donate convalescent plasma to treat individuals infected with COVID-19. Miami is hosting a plasma drive on October 28. Complete this screening form to see if you are eligible to donate.

Outdoor activities
You may have noticed the 40 ft x 40 ft tents in each residential quad. Miami rented these tents to increase outdoor gathering space for students living on campus, and they are open for your use. Guidelines for the tents are now on the Residence Life website.

Are you tired of hearing what you can’t do? Check out a recent Student Life blog post with some ideas about what you can do. Follow Student Life on Instagram for more. And check out MAP’s calendar of events for some outdoor events in the next few weeks!

Mental health resources
If your emotional health could use some attention, Student Counseling Service (SCS) offers a variety of opportunities to help. Call SCS during normal business hours at 513-529-4634 to schedule a virtual counseling session. For after-hours support (evening and weekends), you can call the HOPE Line at 855-249-5649 to be connected with a licensed mental health counselor 24/7.

SCS is also hosting several one-time workshops (e.g. “Coping During COVID-19, Choose to Snooze, Taking on Perfectionism) and regular virtual group therapy for various needs (e.g. Depression & Anxiety Recovery, Panic to Peace, Inter-Cultural Connections).  

Did you know it’s Homecoming & Family weekend? Check out your 2020 Homecoming Court, vote for the Love & Honor Cup winners, and tune in on Instagram Live Saturday at 1 pm for the winners announcement. 

Stay healthy, Miamians! Ohio saw a record number of new positive cases yesterday, topping more than 2,000 new cases in a single day for the first time since the pandemic began. Don’t forget to continue wearing a mask anytime you leave your residence, maintain physical distance, and stay in your pod!

October 8, 2020 - COVID Test Results, Mask Mandate Change & Message from Jayne Brownell

Dear Miami students,

The Division of Student Life will begin sending a weekly email with three quick, important updates and/or reminders. These are designed to be very quick recaps, linked to where you might find more information if you are interested.

COVID Test Results
If you’ve been in Oxford this fall, chances are you have received a COVID-19 test or two (or more). If you aren’t sure how to receive your results, here’s a quick rundown: 

  1. Student Health Services: Testing results appear through your MyChart account. 

  2. Harris Hall: You’ll receive an email with directions on how to retrieve your results from the COV19.health portal. 

  3. Remain-In-Room: You’ll receive an email with your results.

  4. Regardless of how where you tested on campus, you will receive a call from Student Health Services/TriHealth if you test positive. Be sure to answer your phone and check your voicemail!

Mask Mandate Change
There has been a change in the mask mandate on campus. You are now required to wear a mask indoors and outdoors, with very few exceptions.

From Jayne Brownell, VP for Student Life:
The pandemic has reminded us of the ways we are interconnected. We can’t sit back and leave the responsibility for the health of our community to others. We must all play our part, every day, with actions large and small, for as long as needed. 

Some of us may experience COVID-19 as nothing more than an inconvenience. However, the choices we make can have significant implications for others. Remember that the health of your neighbor, your instructor, or the person who makes your daily cup of coffee depends on your choices.   We have just over six weeks remaining in our semester, and the ability to successfully complete this semester on campus hangs in the balance. Wear your mask, indoors and out. Practice physical distancing at all times. And limit your social gatherings to 10 people or less, or no more than 1 guest per resident in your residence hall room.

If you aren’t sure of what is expected of you, you can refer to the Healthy Miami website or follow Miami Student Life (@miamioh_studentlife) on social media for regular tips and reminders.